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Al-Mg alloy wire(Aluminum-Magnesium alloy wire 5154)

Size range(diameter):0.12mm-10.0mm
Aluminum magnesium alloy wire is made of high quality Aluminum & Magnesium pounds by smelting,take out,combine etc.processing then will not change material even by mechanical processing or high temperature heat treatment.Good electrical conductivity, flexible ,with good tensile strength, elongation,and light density ,help to reduce copper resource.

Flexible coaxial cable, all kinds of voice, video cable, car signal cable, network connecting cable, data
transmission cable, etc.
Can be used for the cable: the cable conductor, shielding knitting, single conductor winding and conductor, etc. And also apply to needle guided and lead of electronic component , such as capacitor and resistor etc.

Normal package:
DIN105mm DIN130mm DIN180mm DIN250mm.




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